Our ongoing research on the front suspension of the Dodge Chargers, Magnums, Chrysler 300C, and LHS show that these vehicles have numerous suspension related issues.

The number one complaint we see for all Chargers, Magnums, and 300C's are the inner and outer tie rods that prematurely fail. Common symptoms you would experience if you have a bad inner or outer tie rod are:

  • 1.Vibration in wheel.
  • 2.Uneven or excessive tire wear.
  • 3.Loose front end.
  • 4.Steering whines when turning to one side.
  • 5.Pop at slow speeds.

What a bad tie rod looks like

If you are experiencing any of the above, we strongly suggest that you have your vehicle inspected, also, have the technician do an overview on your struts, if replacements are needed then you have come to the right place!