If you are one of many Volvo owners that is plagued with the suspension clunk, here is a breakdown of where that clunk may be coming from, and the possibilities of a replacement strut being needed.

Why does this happen to my Volvo?

  1. A faulty design in the front subframe bushing, a revised version has been made that has a different groove pattern at the I.D. (Inner Diameter) replacement of this has in many cases fixed the clunk noise.
  2. Metal on metal sound from the top mount of the shock rubbing with the metal from the top of the shock tower, Volvo dealerships are adding pieces of felt to the top mount to have some cushion between the top mount, and strut tower.

If both of the above services have been done on your Volvo S80 without a cure for the clunk or metal on metal noise then it may be time that you strongly consider replacement struts.