The benefits of converting:

  • No more costly repairs on your air suspension system, the average repair cost on an air suspension set up is roughly $800-$1000.
  • Stop fixing parts that will inevitably fail again, given that there are so many components associated with an air suspension setup, even if you fix one piece, it is more than likely that there will be a failure somewhere else in the system that will end in costly repairs.
  • Stop your suspension from sagging which is common with an air suspension failure.

How do I know whether my air suspension system is going bad:

  • Is your vehicle sagging?
  • Does your vehicle not lift up after start up?

We also want to touch on a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) released by GM on these vehicles. The complaint is for rattle, clunk, pop, snap noise from the front and/or rear suspension while driving over rough, uneven, wash board road surfaces. After doing further research I see that the fix for this would be a replacement of your Stabilizer link, but I also read that this issue has been on/off and many complainants have spoken about having to replace these links once a year.