The most common sound complaint in relation to bad suspension is a knocking and rattling noise. This knocking and rattling noise can be attributed to 2 things:

  • Bad strut mounts
  • Bad stabilizer bushings and end links

How to inspect your strut mounts and sway bar bushings/end links:

  • Visual inspection: Does the bushing on your strut mount appear to be torn? When pushing down on the vehicle does the strut shaft move within the bushing?
  • Is there cracking on your sway bar bushings/end links?

A temporary fix for this:

  • Re-greasing the sway bar end links.
  • Re-torque the top mount center nut (36 Ft. Lbs. on 1997-2001 Camry’s)
  • 1. To re-torque, get the strut shaft in a fixed position, this can be done by using a plumbers wrench to grab the strut shaft right below the top mount. If it is not within spec then re-torque to 36 Ft. Lbs.

If over torqued:

  • Use the same method as above to lock the strut shaft, but this time you want to back the nut out slightly, and tighten back to spec. An over torqued strut mount can cause a creaking noise when turning so it is always good to check if it is over-torqued.

Another common misconception with the Camry struts is that the units are leaking, when in reality they are misting. This is very common for Toyota struts, how do you know whether your strut is misting or actually leaking? A leaking strut will leave streaks on the strut itself and other components close to it, as opposed to a misting strut that just has a small dots of residue on the unit itself. So keep an eye out for that, if for any reason you believe your units are leaking, it is suggested that you replace the units.

If you are in need of replacement struts, then you have come to the right place.