Given that there are many components that are directly associated with your suspension, it is usually more time consuming in diagnosing a sound that is coming from it. Fortunately, many Jeep Cherokee and Commander owners complain of a similar clunk sound coming from their suspension.

What is causing the clunk:

  • The issue has been directly associated with a bad sway bar bushing design from the factory.

What about the bushing causes the clunk?:

  • The issue with the OEM bushing is there was a slit in the bushing, this slit allows the clamp to meet at one point making a metal on metal sound.
  • Many Jeep owners say upon inspection, the bushing appears to look ok which it will, because the issue is in the design, and not from old age.

What is the solution?:

  • Since this issue has been prevalent on most Jeep Cherokees and Commanders, a revised bushing and clamp design has been released which will solve this problem.

If you have swapped out your bushing and clamp for the revised set but still are getting a clunking sound, we would suggest having your vehicle checked by a mechanic. Why you ask? Because another common source of a clunk sound would be from a failed strut, if you do believe your strut is bad then it is time you consider a replacement. Fortunately for you, CompleteStruts has the kit for your Jeep Commander and Cherokee.