If you are wondering what the common suspension issues are for your 2004-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, then you have come to the right place. Because this post will explain the common suspension problems that the Grand Prix has.

Tire Rubbing with Strut:

  • The Grand Prix has the same tire rubbing issues that plagued the GTO. These issues were investigated by the NHTSA and the main issue was found to be that the vehicle came with tires that were too wide (245). A possible solution for this problem would be to go with a tire that is more narrow like a 235 width.

Excessive Play in the Steering Wheel:

  • This can be attributed to a bad intermediate steering shaft, re-greasing the shaft in some cases helped. Bad inner and outer tie rods can also affect the steering feel in your Grand Prix.

If you’re getting excessive road noise from the tire rubbing with your strut, then you want to have the vehicle inspected. If it is found that the tire is coming in contact with the strut, then it may be time to consider replacements.