Installing the struts on your 2004-2008 F-150 isn’t like a typical strut install. The following guide will assist you with making the job much easier.

When removing:

  • On a traditional strut install, the top mount studs of the strut will come out through the strut tower, on the strut for an F-150, the studs come through on a housing that sits in the wheel well. Start by loosening these nuts above the housing.
  • Taking off the upper control arm on this unit is recommended so that it is easier to maneuver the strut out of the wheel well. After breaking the bolts, you can hit the knuckle with a hammer to release the ball joint on the UCA.
  • Another recommendation is to remove the tie rod which will also make room so you can get the strut removed, you can also hit the knuckle on the provision for the tie rod with a hammer and this should release the tie rod end.

Here are some tips for when you are installing the new struts:

  • Using a pry bar, pry down on the UCA so you can get the ball joint through the provision on the knuckle.
  • It is also suggested to change the cotter pin on the lower ball joint.

Following these tips will make for an ease of install of your new complete strut assemblies.