6th Generation (YF) Hyundai Sonata and the Dreaded Split Year (2011-2014)

If you drive a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and have tried to get suspension work done, specifically the front end, then you will know all too well of the issues you immediately face thanks to what’s known in the industry as a split year model. This is when in the middle of a production year, the manufacturer will change various things, mostly unnoticeable to the basic driver, to make the vehicle better overall. In this case Hyundai decided to change the front subframe for better crash test ratings. Thus, leading to different strut assemblies being used and the cause of your frustration. But fear not! We here at Complete Struts will try to break this issue down and what struts you exactly need for your Sonata.

When was Your Sonata made? 

This is easy to find by just looking up at your door. On the inside of the driver side door, there should be a sticker with a bunch of important information including the production date or date of manufacture. For the Sonata the split date is 7/23/2010. 

Difference between before and after 7/23/2010? 

When developing the new front subframe, changes had to be made to the way the strut was installed, and therefore the front stabilizing bar had to be positioned differently. While positioned at the same height, the mounting point for the stabilizing bar link is turned 90 degrees and now front facing on the newer production model struts. 

What Parts Should I Buy? 

Complete Struts tries to accommodate every customer and vehicle that we can, and that goes for the 6th generation Sonata. 

2-11793-11794-001: These strut assemblies are for 2011 Sonata GLS and Limited 2.4L models without sport suspension with the manufacturer date before 7/23/2010. 


2-11771-11772-001: These strut assemblies are for 2011-2014 Sonata 2.0 with Turbo and and 2.4L (8th digit of VIN# “c”) both with sport suspensions and front facing stabilizing bar mount. 

2-11791-11792-001: These strut assemblies are for 2012-2014 Sonata that excludes sport suspension and hybrid models with rear facing stabilizing bar mount. 


As you can see shopping for this vehicle can be quite cumbersome, so if you have any questions please feel free to give our tech support a call and we can help you with any questions you may have.